Grimes Engravers Ltd

Commercial Engraving

Why Choose us for Commercial Engraving?

We are Specialists in manufacturing & supplying Engraved Nameplates and Engraved Memorial Plaques in Brass Anodised Aluminium Stainless Steel, Slate, Wood and Laminate, as well as a complete range of engraved Office, Bar, Hotel & Restaurant Signage, Name badges We have done engraving work for the following suppliers:

County Councils, Universities, Hotels, Offices, Stores, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, the Electronic & Construction Industry & Individuals.

We are usually able to create exacting company logo, on a range of material to match your corporate image.

With our latest CadCam technology and sublimation printing machines we can reduce timescales to a minimum.

We work from e-mail, scanned images, disc, etc.

We can supply a vast range of materials from in metals and plastics.

Grimes Engravers can engrave and manufacture a range of commercial & industrial products.

Engraved Nameplates & Plaques Engraved Memorial & Commemorative Plaques Engraved Office, Bar, Hotel & Restaurant Signage Name badges Identification Plates Name boards + More